Listening to books by sober people I admire and podcasts that feature them has been instrumental for me. Not overly famous people. Usually endurance athletes. I’ve discovered heaps of inspiring, sober legends on The Rich Roll Podcast.

Charlie Engle

Katra Korbett

David Clarke

Mishka Shubalay (phenomenal writer too).

Rich himself.

Just to name a few. All very ordinary people who battled through the adversity of addiction to go on to achieve some incredible things.

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Love seeing what's in your recovery toolbox, Kate. In my first months of sobriety from alcohol, I devoured quit lit and sober podcasts...also did Annie Grace's online program and Holly's program and aftercare program. All of that, combined with my pre-existing practices like daily yoga and meditation, eating real whole food, etc., made getting sober an exciting, very alive time. It's a window of life that I actually feel nostalgia for sometimes, now that I'm more than 3 years sober. (But, of course, there are always new layers to explore!)

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